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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

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14 September 2011


Primary Works Cited

“Gertrude B. Elion – Autobiography.” Web. 12 Sept. 2011. <>.

In Gertrude Elion’s autobiography she tells her life story. Elion was born in New York City and later moved to the Bronx. She believes that she would not have ever had a higher education if she had not made good enough grades to be accepted into Hunter College for free.  Elion talks of her late grandfather dying from cancer and how that event inspired her to pursue a career in science. The reader will sense Elion’s love for teaching science to secondary students. She talks of the struggles World War II put on scientist, chemist in particular.  Elion strived to get her doctorates but choose her job and in the end received honorary doctorate degrees.  This Primary source gives insight of Gertrude Elion’s life and all of her accomplishments, struggles, and values.

Secondary Works Cited

Avery, Mary E. “All Available Biographical Memoirs.” The National Academies Press. National Academy of Sciences. Web. 12 Sept. 2011. <>.

This resource is useful in order to analyze Elion’s life. It goes from the time she graduated high school to her adult life as a biochemist. This is a National Academic Press memoir of Elion’s career in science.  This website contains notes, that were hand-written by Gertrude Elion, for one of her lectures. Elion’s partners and coworkers contributions are mentioned.  Background knowledge of the diseases, she discovered cures for, produces a better understanding of the achievements Elion made in childhood leukemia treatments and other diseases such as gout. Later in life she became an advisor and watched over students as they took off in her path.



“Gertrude Elion Biography — Academy of Achievement.” Academy of Achievement Main Menu. American Academy of Achievement, 1 Feb. 2005. Web. 12 Sept. 2011. <>.

This website contains a profile of Gertrude Belle Elion giving a brief overview of her many accomplishments. On this site there is a full biography of Gertrude Elion’s life going into further detail of her accomplishments and her lifestyle while becoming a scientist. A useful tool is an interview held with Gertrude Elion about her life and how she decided to take a career in science. The photo gallery displays an array of pictures from when Elion was a young woman until more recent years. There are video links making Elion’s life more vivid by hearing her and seeing her talk about who inspired her and the obstacles she went through being a woman scientist.


“Gertrude Elion.” Jewish Women’s Archive. Web. 12 Sept. 2011. <>.


An article on Gertrude Elion and her achievements from graduating high school at the age of fifteen to winning the Nobel Prize. Elion started out as a diligent student who loved all subjects in school. When she was fifteen she graduated high school then attended Hunter College.  In Elion’s early years her grandfather passed away from cancer after this tragic incident in Gertrude’s life she knew she wanted to have a career path in science. She researched many diseases and viruses deriving from rapidly dividing cells. Elion was forced to pick between her job and her education and choose her career. While sustaining multiple jobs over the years Elion worked hard and was the recipient of twenty honorary doctoral degrees and was awarded by the American Chemical Society with the Garvan Medal.  This encyclopedia article points out major events in Gertrude Elion’s life in an easy to read manner.


Hall, Lisa C. “A Life-saving Team: Gertrude Elion and Dr. George Hitchings.” North Carolina Museum of History, 2007. Web. 12 Sept.2011.<>.

This document shares a lot of information about Dr. George Hitchings, the main person Gertrude Elion worked under and then as a coworker.  This article goes through how these lab partners got connected. Elion was often told that in a work place full of men she would be a distraction. Hitchings was open to different people and people who had a thirst for knowledge. Hitchings and Elion created many injections to try to confuse diseased cells to help fight off diseases by making the cell think it has all of it’s DNA. Elion was always eager to share her love of science with students and young scientists.  In this article the reader will see how a chance to be a scientist for one woman gives a chance at life to many others.


“History Makers – Gertrude Elion – Overview.” Jewish Women’s Archive. Web. 12 Sept. 2011. <>.


This link is great for a first look at Gertrude Elion.  This website is ideal for someone who knows nothing about Elion and wants to gain general knowledge. The reader will learn about drugs made to cure childhood leukemia and how organ transplantation is possible. This article recognizes Elion as a winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine -an amazing achievement for someone without a Ph.D. The reader will learn that Elion was a selfless person and cared about her company’s achievements before her own. This article displays Elion’s personality traits allowing the reader to become familiar with her.  The reader’s comprehension level does not need to be superior in order to understand the reading. It is a light reading with good content.


Gertrude Belle Elion

Gertrude Belle Elion


Working in the lab

My scientist Gertrude Belle Elion (1918-1999) – Biochemist.

Gertrude Elion was a diligent working student. She loved all of her classes in school and graduated at the age of 15. At this time Gertrude’s grandfather passed away from stomach cancer, helping her to start to pursue science. Elion is the winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine and the recipient of three honorary doctoral degrees. While life may not have always been easy Elion pushed through it and was successful in many areas. She helped create a cure for childhood leukemia, made organ transplantation a possibility, and discovered treatments for many diseases such as gout.

Elion was inspired by her grandfather and by Marie Curie. Elion had looked for many jobs and never found anything stable until she met George Hitchings who had an interest in people who had a passion for science, love for knowledge, and set apart from the crowd. He gave her a chance to be a scientist and succeed in her occupation. Gertrude Elion’s chance to be a scientist has given many others a chance at life.

I believe that Gertrude Elion would be a good role model because she was a woman who thought more of others than she did of herself. She enjoyed teaching young scientist and watching them grow. Her compassion towards her students and desire for them to succeed shows that she didn’t mind setting a good example.  Her discoveries were always benefitting others and while she may have had a personal connection from her grandfathers death, Elion always expressed that the overall achievements of the company came before her own goals.